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Budget Mailboxes is proud to offer Luxer One Smart Package Lockers. Designed and built here in the USA and backed by 24/7 product support, the Luxer One system is truly one of a kind.

Due to the ongoing increase in online shopping, package deliveries to apartment communities are on the rise. This has resulted in the following concerns for property managers:

Package Security

  • Problem: An increase in package delivery to multifamily residences means that package security is a potential liability for the property owners.
  • Solution: Luxer One Smart Lockers reduce this liability concern by providing a safe and efficient solution for secure package delivery and storage.

Cost of Managing Deliveries

  • Problem: Statistically, properties are paying an average of $800 per month in manual delivery processes and management.
  • Solution: Luxer One systems automate and take over the management burden so that leasing agents and property managers can do their jobs.

Luxer One has designed its smart lockers with both the property owners and residents in mind, offering a solution that is convenient, secure, and efficient for the long-term.

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We are a Luxer One Preferred Partner


As a Luxer One preferred partner, our sales and service reps are qualified to walk you through every step of the process, beginning with your required configuration and continuing with the schedule of installation and ensuring the products meet your needs.

Whether you are still educating yourself about the product or are ready to make a purchase, feel free to contact us Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

The Luxer Locker - All Configurations

  • main-unit-indoor Indoor
    main-unit-outdoor Outdoor


    Main Unit

    The heart and center of the Luxer One system is the main unit, equipped with an iPad touchscreen, battery backup, and a total of 15 compartments of varying size. Every Luxer One Locker configuration begins here. You can also provide more than one main unit (this can be useful if you expect higher than average delivery and retrieval).

  • add-on-unit-indoor Indoor
    add-on-unit-outdoor Outdoor


    Add-on Unit

    The original add-on unit contains 17 additional small, medium, and large compartments. Add as many of these units to your configuration as needed, based on your property requirements.

  • all-medium-unit-indoor Indoor
    all-medium-unit-outdoor Outdoor


    All-Medium Unit

    This special unit contains 14 medium-sized locker compartments, perfect for the most common package sizes. Adding one of these units will give residences greater flexibility. Just like the other add-on units, you may add as many of these to the Main Unit as needed.

  • four-door-unit-indoor Indoor
    four-door-unit-outdoor Outdoor


    Four-Door Unit

    The Four-Door add-on unit contains 4 extra-tall locker compartments for private storage of oversized deliveries. Again, add as many of these units to your configuration as you desire.

  • oversized-overflow-unit-indoor Indoor
    oversized-overflow-unit-outdoor Outdoor


    Oversized & Overflow Unit

    When paired with the Luxer One included video surveillance system, the oversized package locker can also accept an overflow of deliveries if all other lockers are full, allowing for 100% package acceptance. We recommend at least one of these units for every smart locker setup.

The Luxer Fridge

As local grocery delivery becomes more popular, being able to safely store perishable deliveries becomes crucial for multifamily residences.

The Luxer Fridge solves this problem by integrating with the Main Locker system -- perishables can be delivered to the Fridge in the same way packages are delivered to the Lockers. Just like with the Locker, residents are notified as soon as their perishable goods are delivered.

  • Integration

    The same smart system that controls Luxer Lockers can unlock the Fridge for perishable deliveries.

  • Adjustable Shelves

    Accommodate large flower arrangements or other oversized deliveries.

  • Natural Refrigerant

    Environmentally friendly refrigerant, resulting in zero ozone depletion potential.

  • USA Manufactured

    Built in the USA to assure quality and local serviceability.

  • Internal Locking

    Luxer One's proprietary locking technology controls access to the refrigerator.

  • True Refrigeration (™) technology

    The world's most trusted brand in commercial refrigeration for over 70 years.

The Luxer Room - Controlled Access for Any Package Room

How the Luxer Room Works

If your property does not have the space to house Lockers, the Luxer Room may be exactly what you need. It is a simple technology that adds a layer of controlled access to any pre-existing package room.

  • Carriers deliver directly to the room with their delivery access code.
  • Package recipients receive a text message with a one-time use access code to enter and retrieve their package.
  • Video surveillance with access logs available for 10 days after recording helps properties maintain security and accountability.

All the property needs for this setup is the room itself -- Luxer Room technology handles the rest, including the 24/7 video surveillance.

More Luxer Room features

  • Touchscreen & Mount

    Convert package rooms or closets into smart package acceptance areas

  • Door Strike Compatible

    Compatible with most existing door strike, mag, lock, or electronic access control hardware

  • Fully Modular

    Touchscreens can control package rooms alone or with lockers as additional stations

  • Second Touchscreen

    Mounted or handheld stations available inside room for easy one-stop delivery

  • 24/7 Video Surveillance

    Cloud-based surveillance system on opposite wall monitors full locker area

  • Intuitive User Experiences

    iOS-powered display for a familiar interface for users of all ages

Overview of Luxer One Features

  • USA Manufactured

    Designed and engineered in California. Built in the USA.

  • Modular Doors

    Change compartment door sizes easily on the field.

  • Combination Master Lock

    Key-free access to all compartments for management.

  • Universal Access

    Fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act and ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

  • 12-Gauge Steel

    Heavy-duty corrosion-resistant steel with long-lasting powder coat finish.

  • Internal Hinges

    Tamper-proof internal hinge mechanism for added security.

  • Intuitive User Experience

    iOS-powered touch display means a familiar interface for users of all ages.

  • 24/7 Video Surveillance

    Cloud-based surveillance system on opposite wall allows you to monitor the entire locker area.

Standard Black Standard Gray Standard Brown Standard white Custom Color Custom Wrap Custom Branding

Color & Customization Options

Select from any of our four standard locker colors, or customize your system with custom paint, wraps, or branding.

Note: custom paint, wrapping, or branding will incur added charges to be included in the final price quote.


  • Black
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • White
  • C
  • Blue
  • Black-White

Why do properties prefer Luxer One?

  • Luxer One is designed to solve apartment buildings package problems entirely.
  • Luxer designed the first-ever oversized locker, which accepts the maximum sized parcel carriers deliver.
  • The steel locker system is ultra-secure by itself, but paired with 24/7 video and audio surveillance and round-the-clock customer support, properties can see exactly what happens with resident packages so nothing goes missing.
  • Easy to use Luxer One software has unique features, like allowing deliveries for new residents who may not yet be added to the registry.
  • For properties who don't have space for lockers, Luxer One offers their door lock system for properties who prefer to use a delivery room instead of lockers (Luxer Room).

What Makes Us Different?



Designed for every package that comes your way.



An engineer-led company building smart, new features every day.



Dedicated to customer satisfaction with 24/7 access to Luxer's support teams.

What should you know before investing in smart package lockers?

Smart Package Locker

A lot of thought and preparation goes into the decision to install package lockers. While there is an up-front cost of purchasing and installing Luxer One systems -- as there is with any improvement to a residential property -- the long-term benefits and ROI speak for themselves:

  • Time and cost savings for property managers
  • Increase the value and desirability of your property
  • Increased package security means less liability for the property
  • Valuable usage data analytics for property managers
  • Software for managing Luxer One units at more than one location

Other value-added features:

  • 100% package acceptance
  • ADA compliant
  • Deliver to residents not listed (patent pending)
  • No registration fees required
  • Revenue opportunities available
  • Oversized locker also accepts overflow
  • 24/7 video, email, and phone support
  • Nationwide support teams
  • Custom colors and community branding
  • Designed & built in the USA

More Features for Residential Properties

  • Oversized Package

    Almost 20% of packages are oversized. With Luxer One's oversized locker, you can rest assured that 100% of deliveries will be accepted, including overflow during the holidays.

  • Video Surveillance

    HD surveillance cameras come standard, providing a full view of the entire locker or room area. Our support team maintains and monitors the footage, so you don1/2t have to.

  • Outbound Shipping

    Offer your residents the perk of shipping their outbound packages -- including online shopping returns -- straight from their home with Luxer One1/2s package lockers.

  • Manager Software

    Get industry-leading reporting and management tools at your fingertips. The Luxer One package management software is made for the building or corporate level, allowing you to manage multiple locations at once.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

    Luxer One offers an unprecedented service level guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

  • Delivery to Unregistered Residents

    This patent-pending feature allows carriers to deliver packages even if the recipient's name isn't listed, which a convenient solution for new residents, corporate housing, and resident name changes.

How Luxer One stacks against the competition

Revenue Options
Industry Experience
Fire Resistant
Heavy Duty Steel
ADA Compliant
Oversized Packages
24/7 Support
First Line Of Support
24/7 Live Video Surveillance
Overflow Solution
Full Barcode Capture
Custom-Branded Screens
13+ Years In Business
Refrigerated Storage
Multiple Touchscreens
Limited Warranty
Outdoor Lockers
Native Software Integration
Package Room Option

Indoor Locker Tower Specifications

  • Luxer Locker Main


    • 15 compartments
    • Touchscreen
    • Battery backup (in the event of power outage)
    • Surge protection and electronics
    • One main unit is required for every installation

    Weight: 500 lbs

  • Luxer Locker Addone


    • 17 compartments, ranging in size (small, medium, and large)
    • Add as many of these as you need

    Weight: 500 lbs

  • Luxer Locker Oversize


    • Accepts 100% of parcels, including oversized and oddly-shaped packages
    • We recommend at least one of these units for every installation

    Weight: 270 lbs

  • Luxer Locker Mediam


    • 14 medium-sized compartments
    • Add as many as you need

    Weight: 500 lbs

  • Luxer Locker Fourdoor


    • 4 extra-large compartments
    • Add as many as you need

    Weight: 350 lbs

  • Locker Renderings Fridge

    Luxer Fridge

    • True Refrigeration commercial refrigerator fully integrated with Luxer One system
    • Adjustable interior shelves
    • Add as many as you need

    Weight: 240 lbs

Outdoor Locker Tower Specifications

  • Luxer Locker Main


    • 15 compartments
    • Touchscreen
    • Battery backup (in the event of power outage)
    • Surge protection and electronics
    • One main unit is required for every installation

    Weight: 550 lbs

  • Luxer Locker Main


    • 17 compartments, ranging in size (small, medium, and large)
    • Add as many of these as you need

    Weight: 550 lbs

  • Luxer Locker Main


    • Accepts 100% of parcels, including oversized and oddly-shaped packages
    • We recommend at least one of these units for every installation

    Weight: 320 lbs

  • Luxer Locker Main


    • 14 medium-sized compartments
    • Add as many as you need

    Weight: 550 lbs

  • Luxer Locker Main


    • 4 extra-large compartments
    • Add as many as you need

    Weight: 400 lbs

Locker Compartment Dimensions

Indoor Com
Leveling Leveling feet Leveling feet
Outdoor mounting brackets
Operating Temperature* 41°F to 113°
(5°C to 45°C)
-4°F to 113°F
(-20°C to 45°C)
Humidity 0-95% RH,non-condensing
Power Consumption 40W nominal | 120W peak
For Luxer Fridge:
175W nominal | 1750W peak
75W nominal
750w peak
AC Voltage 110/120VAC
50/60Hz nominal
Ethernet/Data CAT6 with RJ45 connectors
Minimum upload speed: 1.5 MB

Indoor Lockers: Installation Requirements


  • Two (2) 110V duplex outlet: one above lockers, one at camera location.
  • Bottom of power outlet at 77 in. from floor.


  • One (1) Ethernet jack.
  • Minimum upload speed of 1.5M.
  • Bottom of the ethernet at 77 in. from floor.

Video Surveillance

Luxer One provides 24/7 video surveillance.

  • One (1) Nest Cam is included. More may be required to capture full locker area.
  • Footage is available for ten (10) days.
  • Your team may request footage directly from your Luxer One Account Representative.

Indoor Lockers: Location Options

Required Space

  • Minimum space in front of lockers: 60 in.
  • Minimum entry space: 30 in. wide and 80 in. high

In compliance with ADA/FHA guidelines.

Best Location

  • Lockers must be in a location protected from the elements, with screen out of direct sunlight.
  • Lockers should be accessible by residents 24/7.


  • Luxer One allows for multiple screens, so residents can pick up their package even while a delivery is being made.
  • Standalone wall touchscreens require only a power outlet for installation (i.e., the Luxer Room).


  • Lockers can be installed all along the same wall or multiple walls.
  • Lockers can also be embedded in a custom space to appear flush against the wall.
  • Optional trim pieces are available.

Locker Quantity

  • Every building has different needs. As a rule of thumb, we recommend one locker compartment for every 3-4 units.

Note: the standalone touchscreen protrudes 6 inches from the wall. Please notify us if your community requires modifications to fulfill the 4-inch maximum according to the ADA.

Outdoor Lockers: What's Included

Roof Package

  • Required for outdoor installations, unless located under an enclosed area.
  • Protects unit from the elements.
  • Provides mount for LED lights for nighttime illumination.
  • Provides mount for surveillance cameras.

Electronics Package

  • Protects the computer from extreme heat and cold.
  • Seals the electronics bay contained in the main unit, and provides airflow and temperature modulation.

Camera Package

  • Weather-proof and tamper-proof outdoor-compliant camera.
  • Mounts to roof package.

Outdoor Mounting Package

  • Brackets included for anchoring towers to concrete pad.
  • Requires use of concrete anchors (½ in. minimum diameter, 3-¾ in. minimum length).

Prior to considering an outdoor locker installation, please notify us if your community is located in an extreme weather region.

Outdoor Lockers: Installation Requirements

Power & Data

  • Power: 110/120VAC, 50/60hz from 20A electrical disconnect. Wire: Type UF-B, 12/3 outdoor electrical wire (or equivalent), with 3ft of wire available for interior of locker.
  • Ethernet: CAT6 cable with RJ45 connector, with 3ft of wire available for interior of locker.
  • Conduit: 1 in. flexible outdoor conduit.

Video Surveillance

Luxer One provides 24/7 video surveillance.

  • One (1) Nest Cam is included.
  • One camera needed for every four Locker Towers.
  • Footage is available for ten (10 days).
  • Your team may request footage directly from your Luxer One account Representative.

Outdoor Lockers: Location Options

Concrete Pad Installation Requirements

  • Sides: 8 in. required on each side of locker bank to attach and bolt down anchors.
  • Back: 8 in. required along each back of lockers to provide access for electrical, networking, and anchors.
  • Front Minimum of 60 in. of free space in front of lockers for ADA compliance.
  • If above grade, ramp or grade pad needed for ADA accessibility.
  • Maximum drainage slope of level pad not to exceed rise or fall of more than 1.5 in.

It is recommended to place outdoor lockers front of a wall, but not required. A concrete pad or equivalent surface is required.

Locker Construction

Superior Construction

  • Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant steel for long-term durability.
  • iPad-based touch screens at ADA-compliant height.
  • Battery backup included in case of power outages.
  • Web-based interface with extensive data metrics reporting.
  • Image capture of labels, signatures, and proof of pickup.
  • Minimal Luxer One branding standard on all locker variations.

Ask about custom trim pieces, custom colors, full wraps, and adding your community's branding to your Luxor One Package Locker system.

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